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Winter 2020 Issue

February 4, 2020

NGI and Gulfport High School Theatre Develop "Hello Opportunity" Travelling Play about Climate Change

The Northern Gulf Institute worked alongside Gulfport High Schools', award-winning, Theatre for Young Audiences playwright Tonya Hays, and her Advanced Theatre class, to create an original play, as a traveling, teachable outreach project, focusing on the subject of climate change and its potential impacts on the Gulf Coastal region.

Each viewing of the play was followed by a brief lecture and Q&A concerning the truths and concepts behind climate change and climate science in a manner intended for young audiences.

The play, submitted to the Mississippi Theatre Associations' Southern Regional Theatre Festival won "Best Original Work" and was moved ahead to the state-wide Mississippi Theatre Festival where it won "Best Original Work for Social Change"  as well as a number of other awards for student acting.

Since opening, the play has been seen by numerous schools and hundreds of students and citizens from across the Gulf region.