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Research on interconnections among Gulf of Mexico ecosystems.
Outreach for decisions based on those interconnections.

Education & Outreach Overview

The Northern Gulf Institute (NGI) Education and Outreach (E&O) Program supports the missions of NOAA and partner organizations in the Gulf of Mexico region to develop an engaged and educated public who are better able to make scientifically informed decisions. The NGI E&O Program also supports the development of a workforce pipeline for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers.

The E&O Program engages a variety of audiences, including K-12 educators and students; scientists, university students, staff, and administration within its member academic institutions; its partners (NOAA and regional science-based organizations); the larger scientific community; and the public.

The program incorporates NGI research into professional development and workshops, K-12 activities and resources, activities and materials at science-related public events, and articles featuring NGI-funded researchers and their activities. Some teacher and student activities incorporate the arts into STEM subjects (STEAM) to encourage innovative and creative thinking in scientific approaches to real-world problems. Information is shared through a variety of avenues, including listserv emails, social media, the Portal newsletter, and its website.

For more information on the NGI E&O program, contact Jonathan Harris, the NGI Education and Outreach Director at, 662-325-3837, or