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A Compelling Case for a Centralized Filesystem on the TeraGrid Abstract


In this paper we explore the utility of a centralized filesystem provided by the TeraGrid to both TeraGrid and non-TeraGrid sites. We highlight several common cases in which such a filesystem would be useful in obtaining scientific insight. We present results from a test case using Indiana University's Data Capacitor over the wide area network as a central filesystem for simulation data generated at multiple TeraGrid sites and analyzed at Mississippi State University. Statistical analysis of the I/O patterns and rates, via detailed trace records generated with VampirTrace, for both the Data Capacitor and a local Lustre filesystem are provided. The benefits of a centralized filesystem and potential hurdles in adopting such a system for both TeraGrid and non-TeraGrid sites are discussed.


Michael, S., Simms, S., Breckenridge, W. B., III, Smith, R. L., & Link, M. (2010). A Compelling Case for a Centralized Filesystem on the TeraGrid. TeraGrid 2010. Pittsburgh, PA.